Welcome to the Columbia Wound Care Community

Our courses offer the most up to date and comprehensive wound care information around! Portland is a mecca for breakthrough wound treatment technology and practitioners, and we pride ourselves on being able to tap into the vast wealth of knowledge of our community.

Who should attend our courses? What are our Learning Objectives?

  • Target Audience: Medical professionals and students practicing in the greater Portland / Vancouver Metropolitan Area. All topics address professional educational gaps identified through a survey of CWCC members.
  • Basic Wound Care Course Practice Gaps: 1. Basic knowledge in how to assess, describe, and diagnose common wounds. 2. Lack of a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan. 3. Knowledge and familiarity with dressing types.
  • Educational Needs: 1. Many health care providers have not had any training in wound care, or, training is inconsistent. 2. Many providers fail to see the interactions between all of the different systems involved in getting a wound to heal. 3. There is an abundance of dressing categories and products on the market and it is difficult to learn them all.
  • Competency Needs: 1. Better education allows providers to completely treat patients with commonly occurring wounds. 2. A comprehensive treatment plan allows for better diagnosis underlying pathology. 3. Familiarity of dressings allows for proper selection of dressings for wound types.
  • Performance: 1. Elevation of the level of knowledge results in decreased healing time and increased percentages of healed wounds. 2. Comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans allow for faster and more accurate diagnosis of wound etiology. 3. Appropriate dressing choices decreases waste and improves patient outcomes.

Our Mission, Vision, and History 

Our Mission
To raise community awareness of scientific advances in wound care and to be a resource to wound care providers through education, consultation, and promotion of evidence-based, advanced wound care practice.

Our Vision
We envision the highest level of wound care being available to people of the Greater Portland / Vancouver Metropolitan Area.

Our History
The Columbia Wound Care Community (CWCC), formerly Columbia Wound Care Consortium, is a group of physicians, nurses, and wound care specialists in the Portland / Vancouver Metropolitan Area who have joined together to promote the fields of wound medicine and hyperbaric medicine. Our members include inpatient and outpatient wound care providers from area hospitals. We share a philosophy of pooling resources and sharing information between local experts to benefit providers and those in need of specialized care of hard to heal wounds.

Our Next Course:

Basic Wound Care Course

April 18, 2020

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Lorenzen Conference Center, Portland

2801 N Gantenbein Ave, Portland, OR 97227

*Please note tuition rate changes effective December 17, 2019.

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