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June 27, 2024 – Case Studies Evening (non-cme) 6-8pm at the Kennedy School McMenamin’s

October 5, 2024 – BWCC for Medical Professionals, 8-hour course – Linfield Portland Campus


A Recap and a look to 2024-Letter from the CWCC Board:

If you are interested in healing in the realm of wound care, you have come to the right place! The Columbia Wound Care Community (CWCC) is a multidiscipline nonprofit organization focused on disseminating up to date evidence-based information on healing wounds.

In the world of health care, wounds are a symptom of a bigger issue. Thus, this group provides insight on the management of all aspects of wound healing. The etiology of the wound could be something as simple as poor hygiene, nutrition, and substance abuse or the lack of access to care, ear marked in the social determinates, or a specific pathophysiology of disease that create wounds.

Our Board represents a gamete of disciplines and locations of service. This encompasses a Vascular Interventionalist, VA Gerontologist, Naturopath MH, PA, NP, OT, PT, Certified Wound Care Specialist to our colleagues whose encompasses service to the underprivileged and homeless.

February 2023 we held our 4-hour symposium, titled “Diabetic Management Toolkit”. This event addressed the management of diabetes to facilitate wound healing and a panel of speakers provided further understanding of the different cultural challenges on access to care from the Hispanic, Asian, Black and Native-American cultures.

April 2023 we held our first adventure in presenting a Basic Wound Care Course (BWCC) for Students from all disciplines. CWCC is trying to fill a void. We have learned from our education colleagues that basic wound care is limited in Medical Education Programs. Attending this day-long conference were Physical and Occupational Therapists, Nurses, PA’s and MD’s. This was a day of both didactic and hands-on experiences. The attendees were directed on the application of both wound and a diabetic foot assessments, understanding the different categories of dressings and seeing and applying lower extremity compression wraps and negative pressure wound therapy.

July 2023, we held our “CWCC Social”. This was an industry supported, free non-CEU event held at the McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland, OR. The focus was on networking, case studies, artistically presented Hor d’Oeuvres and Spirits. The case studies presented provided food for thought. Sometimes we ‘fail to see the forest for the trees”. The pressure skin injury on the chest, not due to a skin lesion, but due to the person, who when sleeping rested chin on chest; causing pressure. Or the years of having a foot ulcer, only to discover that the patient’s decades old shoes were causing the problem. And a challenging disease and healing made more complicated by barriers within the health care system that disallowed the use of negative pressure wound therapy. Industry too provided further information on their Mission. Insight, people and food, made for a lovely summer evening.

October 2023, we held another day long Basic Wound Care Course (BWCC), but for Medical Professionals. Nine Vendors and over 100 attendees participated. The BWCC event that is always being evaluated to further improve the learning experience. This day is never meant to prepare someone to take a certification exam. Moreover, to provide basic knowledge that allows the participants to have some understanding of the application of wound care. Like the BWCC for students, this day provided some directives on the etiology of common wound. Namely pressure skin injury, diabetic, arterial, and vascular ulcers, wound assessment, dressings, compression wraps, negative wound therapy, and the maintenance of wound closure.

CWCC wishes to Thank Industry for their support. We have been fortunate to receive educational Grants from: Medline Foundation and 3M Foundation. These are not handed out lightly and so CWCC is honored and grateful for these funds that help us to further our Mission. Hereto we wish to Thank the Linfield School of Nursing in Portland allowing us a such a lovely venue in which we have the space needed for this necessary education.

CWCC has been preparing for the 2024 events. We hope to see you at our up-and-coming events. Knowledge in the healing of wounds is the ammunition needed to combat the health care needs of our patients and community.


Elizabeth Fedderen, FNP-C, CWON, CFCN
2023-2024 President, on behalf of the Board
Columbia Wound Care Community

Our Mission and History

Our Mission
To raise community awareness of scientific advances in wound care and to be a resource to wound care providers through education, consultation, and promotion of evidence-based, advanced wound care practice.

Our History
The Columbia Wound Care Community (CWCC), formerly Columbia Wound Care Consortium, was founded in 2007 by a group of wound care physicians, nurses, and therapists in the Portland / Vancouver Metropolitan Area. This group of wound care specialists joined together to promote the fields of wound medicine and hyperbaric medicine. They shared a philosophy of pooling resources and sharing information between local experts to benefit providers and those in need of specialized care required to treat hard to heal wounds. For the past 12 years, CWCC has provided CEU/CME certified advanced practice symposiums and basic wound care workshops at low cost that are open to the multiple professions in the wound care community and students training in these professions.

Who Should Attend CWCC Programs?

  • Physicians
             MD, DO, DPM
  • Advanced Practice Providers
             NP, PA
  • Nurses/Allied Health
             RN, LPN, WCC, WOCN, MA, OT, PT, CNA, RT, RVT
  • Retirees/Medical Translators/Community Partners
  • Educators and Students in Medical Education Programs

Scholarships to All CWCC Programs are available.  Apply to info@columbiawound.org.


These courses provided by CWCC allow the attendee to earn CEU’s, but does not provide the needed didactic and clinical hours needed to allow one to sit for a Wound Care Certification Exam. The knowledge gained by listening to the presentations and participating in any hands-on education will support the information obtained from a Wound Care Certification Program. 


Next Event:

  • June 27th, 2024 - Case Studies Evening (non-cme), 5:30-8:00pm being held at the McMenamin's Kennedy School, Portland, OR
  • October 5th, 2024 - BWCC for Medical Professionals, 8-hour course being held at the Linfield Portland Campus

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