Hydrofera Blue READY-Border is one of the newest additions to the Hydrofera Blue wound care portfolio.  As with all Hydrofera Blue dressings, the border is non-cytotoxic, does not inhibit growth factors which helps to facilitating faster healing.  The top film is waterproof and breathable allowing for moisture vapor transmission and greater exudate management.  The perforated silicone border provides the perfect solution for a secure fit and wound protection even on difficult to dress areas yet allows for atraumatic removal.  Unlike most silicone border dressings, Hydrofera Blue Ready-Border does not have a silicone interface on the foam.  This allows for intimate contact of the foam to the wound bed and uninterrupted absorption of exudate.  The dressing is flexible, it conforms nicely to body contours and has a 7-day wear-time. https://hydrofera.com/

Customer feedback plays a vital role in our ever-growing product portfolio.  In saying that, we are very happy to introduce the newest addition:

Hydrofera Blue ComfortCel® Interface  -  A premoistened, soft PVA foam designed for patient comfort.  It has excellent wet tensile strength for confident removal from tunnels and undermined areas.  Also, you can leverage the non-cytotoxic antibacterial power of Hydrofera Blue under negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) devices for all types of wounds.


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