Vendors and Exhibitors

Are you going door to door, calling on individual wound care practitioners and spending your days repeating the same spiel day in and day out? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have an audience of wound care providers who are all gathered in one place where you can meet them face to face?

Vendors and Exhibitors will have access to the membership of the CWCC at varying levels depending on your level of involvement. Read more to find out about the different levels of exposure to CWCC members.


Any commercial entity that is listed in our Resource Guide participates automatically at a vendor level. This requires a small annual fee and entitles you to a listing in the Resource Guide with your name, phone number, and physical address. You will be listed by keywords that best reflect your sector within with the wound care industry. Your exposure is limited to search results from the Resource Guide.

Premium Vendor

Premium vendors will have their company names highlighted in the search results for an annual fee. Premium Vendors may also choose their keywords that they would like to use to improve their presence in search results. Your exposure is limited to search results from the Resource Guide.


Vendors who pay a fee will have the opportunity to meet CWCC members at the quarterly educational symposia. You will also have your name highlighted in the search results, and will have the opportunity to choose the keywords that will be associated with your company.

Premium Exhibitors

Premium exhibitors can participate at a bronze, gold, silver or platinum level. Each successive tier gets you more exposure to the membership through packages that include multiple quarterly symposia booths where you will have the opportunity to meet with CWCC members, access to the website Calendar of Events, and access to e-mail announcements to CWCC members (members may choose to subscribe / unsubscribe to these announcements). Additionally, premium exhibitors will have advertisement space with clickable links to your designated company website (depending on tier).

Contact us at exhibitorinfo [AT] columbiawound [DOT] org to find out more about the different levels of premium exhibitorship.

Does your entry in the Resource Guide need updating? Download and update the Application Form below and send it to us.

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